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The first thing we all need to realize is how radically the world has changed in the past ten years. Think about it for just a second ten years ago we were not using Google, Facebook or YouTube. There were no Blackberrys, iPhones or iPads, no digital cameras, high speed internet at home or USB memory sticks none of these things even existed.

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As a direct result of these massive changes, consumer behavior has also undergone some radical changes specifically the Internet is now at the very core of most consumer decisions. What that means for you is that if you are trying to market or sell your home running a small print ad in a local or even national publication it is not going to work.

Consumers research almost all large purchase decisions online and are not reading newspapers the way they used to when they need specific products or services and definitely not when they are looking to buy a new home.

The reality is that most consumers are making real estate purchase decisions at home using a computer and are not sitting in a real estate office at this point in our history. In fact online marketing has now overtaken traditional marketing as the most cost effective way to sell any product or service.

The consumer is now in control so you have to cater to their needs and where your most qualified buyers can consistently be found. So if you are not generating most of your leads online your plan is not going to work. Well discuss this further when we get to the marketing your home section.

So here is the great news the process of selling your home using proven online strategies is simpler and easier than you think. And no one is going to work harder to sell your home than you.

Right now you can set your home apart, take some unconventional steps and leverage the awesome power of the Internet to get your home sold fast and save a serious amount of money on real estate commissions.

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