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Id like to tell you about my wifes use of the internet. My wife reads all of her news online. She knows everything I find out a day before I do. I still read newspapers and I'm always a day behind. All of her banking and bill paying is done online. I have to wait to get my
statements in the mail. She has statements in real time.

She is more connected with her friends and her family than anybody. She's on Facebook and all these social-networking sites. I am lucky to connect with my friends every couple of months. She is in constant contact with her social sphere on a minute by minute

She talks to her mom with video Skype every single day. Grandparents and grandkids are connecting online with video every day. It doesnt matter that they are 65 years old. They know how to use video Skype. If you don't know how to use video Skype and you're trying to sell, youre in trouble and this is why. Video
Skype is one of the most powerful sales tools that no one's using in selling their Toronto Condos.

I'm not implying that hand-written letters are out. As a matter of fact, there are some tools that you can still use. Did you know that a handwritten thankyou card will really draw someones attention? When I'm in a sales environment and I send someone a thank-you card, I will come back to that person three years later and find my card on their desk three years later.

Its not because it was from me. It is because they had not received a thank-you card in the mail in three years, so they keep it on their desk. Center your advertising in online initiatives. Tie all of your advertising to a unique phone number and URL. Dont discriminate based on age. Youd be surprised to see how many empty nesters are online now. I have these statistics and they are astounding. Each year, the boomers become more internet savvy.toronto mls, toronto condos

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