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Why buy a condo with CondoShow?

There are tons of great reasons to buy with CondoShow but here are the biggest:

  • Save Money - With 1% cash back
  • First Time Buyer Support - We have dedicated Condo Geniuses waiting to help you
  • Investors - We have the most comprehensive condo investment data and analysis  in Canada
  • CondoShow has exclusive inventory of condos for sale
  • Exclusive condo listings no one else can offer

First, and most important is Saving Money. Buying a condo is a big expense (or investment) but you can come out ahead of the game with our 1% cash back offer. This means when you buy a condo with us you get 1% of the value of that house back from us – in Cash! These are huge savings – on a $500,000 condo you’ll be getting $5,000 back!

Secondly, if you are first time buyer we can help you every step of the way. Buying a condo for the first time can be fun instead of stressful and that’s why we have Condo Geniuses who help make sense of things like phantom mortgage payments/rent, closing costs, maintenance fees, condo agreements and more. The less time you spend dealing with the details we cover the more time you can spend looking for your dream condo.

For Investors, CondoShow has more condo investment data and analysis than anyone in Canada. Besides being able to provide you with more pricing and rent facts, figures and trends than anyone else we can also provide you with in-depth insider information on the best condo investment properties for your investment style. Flipping or renting we can point you to excellent value deals with the most professional team in the country. Investing in real estate is serious business so we don’t just hype projects like those ‘VIP Real Estate Agents’, we give you the straight facts so you make the smartest investment possible.

Finally, because CondoShow has exclusive relationships with the actual developers we have access to condo units NOT available on the MLS or to real estate agents. We can connect you with high quality projects that represent great value for home owners and investors. Along with our 1% Cash Back offer you will be well on your way to making an excellent condo purchase.

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