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Condo Investors Guide by CondoShow

CondoShow is Toronto’s leader in condo investment support and advice. With more data and analysis on both the Toronto market and individual condos in the city we can provide a level of service to condo investors that is a step above the rest. Our guide to condo investing is based on the following:

  1. High quality and informative investing articles and blog posts
  2. Our proprietary investing and condo buying survival guides
  3. In-depth Condo level statistics that allow investors to make informed decisions
  4. Leveraging our relationships with top investment oriented real estate professionals like Simon Giannini of ‘The Real Estate Talk Show’
  5. CondoShow’s exclusive access to condo inventory designed as investment properties

For a start to your condo investing journey check out our blog or the blogs we keep for the individual condo properties that we profile. More articles and blog posts will be coming soon after the launch of the new beta site you are using right now.

Check out our condo investing and buying survival guide for a quick prep on what to expect throughout the process of buying and selling. Meant for beginner investors this guide will give you an overview of the costs (both the expected and unexpected) as well as the market conditions that will make for a good purchase.

Along with this report we also have in-depth condo profiles on all of the existing condos in the city. We break down pricing information, rental data, days on the market statistics as well as many other metrics needed by skilled investors. We do all this using easy to understand charts and graphs. Along with these reports we have the ability to do customized individual research and investment reports on demand for our clients – something no one else in the city can do like us.

Then when it comes to getting expert advice and professional service our investor clients can put their trust in our partners like REC Canada and Simon Giannini of ‘The Real Estate Talk Show’. As well as partnering with service professionals CondoShow also leverages direct relationships with investment oriented developers. These exclusive relationships have in the past brought us projects like Muskoka Wharf by Marriot and the Harmony Green Condos project in Oshawa – both of which offered extremely unique and high value to investors in Toronto. More projects are coming down the pipe so stay tuned or contact us for details.