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Condo Sales in Toronto Up by 28% from Same Period July Last Year

Its official! Toronto has hit the big time. We are now playing in the big leagues against giants like London, Miami and New York. As a matter of fact the Toronto market is the fastest growing in North America right now and 60% of new home sales in 2011 were from condiminimums according to the building industry and land development association (BILDA).

Figures from the Canadian Real Estate Association show that there has been an increase of 28% on the number of condos purchased in July in Toronto from last year. This is an exciting time to be involved in the real esate market in Toronto and with 40,000 additional condominimum units still under construction it's clear the excitement is not anywhere near bubbling point yet!

For potential buyers the news gets even better - prices of condos are down 2% from June in July and the Canadian Real Estate Group has increased its sales forecast for the remainder of the year in this bustling Canadian city.

The most surprising news is that 60% of these condo-buyers bought their properties straight off plans - before construction even began as investment properites.

Bottom Line? Toronto is the place to be, interest rates are low enough to be attractive to any type of buyer no matter your budget. The condo market in Toronto is crowded so dip that toe in the water and have a look!

Source of Figures: Wall Street Journal August 24, 2011

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Roman Bodnarchuk Interviewed on 680 News

Incase you missed it.. you can now download Roman Bodnarchuk's interview with 680 News.

Roman discusses the TorontoCondo Market and how CondoShow.comcan help both condodevelopers and buyers.

There is $1 billion in Condo Sales per month in Toronto. That means there is 1 Condo is sold every 4 minutes stated by Roman. Condos are the only affordable housing left in Toronto and we are now moving into a condogeneration.

Listen to Roman's interview below

Roman Bodnarchuk Interviewed on 680News

In Case you missed it.. you can now download Roman Bodnarchuk's interview with 680 News.

Roman discusses the TorontoCodominiumMarket and how CondoShow.comcan help both condodevlopers and buyers.

There is $1 billion in Condo Sales per month in Toronto. That means there is 1 Condo is sold every 4 minutes stated by Roman. Condos are the only affordable housing left in Toronto and we are now moving into a condogeneration.

Download the link below to listen to Roman's Interview, or go to to find out how Roman can help you.

Click Here to Listen:680 NEWS INTERVIEW-ROMAN BODNARCHUK (1).mp3

Urbanation Reports a Record-Breaking Quarter for Condo Sales

A major influx of more than 9,000 units from 44 new projects helps
smash multiple records

The 9,455 new condominium apartment sales in the second quarter topped the previous record high of 6,997 in Q2-2007 by 35%. There were also records set in Q2-2011 for the number of active projects, active units, sold index price, unsold index price, new condominium launches (units and projects), units and projects under construction, and quarterly unit registrations. In addition, only 16% of the active units in the market are unsold, a record low, quarters supply is at its lowest level since 1989, unsold units per project is at its lowest level since 1996, sales per project is at its highest level since 1988.

Over the past 12 months there were24,731 new condominium sales, topping the previous record high of 22,654 from Q4-2007 by 9%. These results are a far cry from Q2-2009 when less than 10,000 sales were realized over the previous 12 months.

These results for Q2 are remarkable, but they will likely bring about more talk of thesustainability of the condominium market, says Ben Myers, Urbanation Executive VicePresident and Editor. But its clear that the market is not experiencing rapid increases in pricing,which is the hallmark of a real estate bubble. The market is very healthy, as condominium resale
activity remains strong, and results from our new UrbanRental report show that condominiumrents have improved over the first quarter.


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National Geographics #1 Summer Travel Destination: Muskoka

In National Geographics '10 Best trips of Summer 2011', Muskoka was named the number one out-of-the-ordinary destination for travellers!

The prestigious cottage country location about two hours north of Toronto is an outstanding getaway from Canadas largest city. The 2,500-square-mile natural playground offers unlimited hours of fun and entertainment, from wakeboarding to exploring historic landmarks incuding Muskoka Wharf's own Segwun Steamship.

The outstanding northern retreat is truly an experience for travellers of all ages.

View the National Geographic article HERE

Exclusive Muskoka Wharf Seminar

Attend an Exclusive Muskoka Wharf Seminar!

Learn how you can be a part of the $170 Million vacation community with Condominium suites starting as low as $149,900.

Date: Thursday, July 14th, 2011
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Intersection: Bloor and Jane

There will be a presentation discussing details of this exciting opportunity including the investment details such as revenue sharing, maintenance costs, taxes etc. Attendees will have exclusive access to the floor plans, views and prices before anyone else. You will also be able to reserve and purchase a unit right there and then!

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How to Sell 210 Condos in 1 Week?

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As N5R is a North American leader in Social Media Marketing, Were very passionate about Social Media marketing and we believe in its power and effectiveness over traditional media because we know it works.

Through the power of social media we were able successfully generate 210 sales for One Old Mill in 1 week. Every day we hear from people who are sceptical about the power of Social Media, but social media is one of the best tools for marketing to targeted audiences with your desired demographics such as age, interests and location.

  • 3 of the worlds most popular brands online are Facebook, YouTube & Wikipedia.
  • 22% of the worlds time is spent online.
  • 75% of global consumers who go online use social network or blog sites.
  • 66% more time is spent communicating and networking across social networks, blogs, personal email and instant messaging by the average online visitor than a year ago.

Social Media services are far more affordable than traditional media.Content can be seen by thousands of visitors the very same day it is created.

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Vista Bahia

Case Study-
Roman Bodnarchuck, CEO and Founder of talks about the development of the company

CREA releases mobile app for iPhone

Ottawa, ON December 21, 2010 The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) today released its app for the Apple iPhone. is the most visited real estate website in Canada, listing on average some 350,000 properties at any time.

This free application brings Apple iPhone users the features and functionality of the website, as well as some interesting device-specific features said CREA president Georges Pahud. Consumers today expect portable information and REALTORS across Canada are happy to be providing this service.

The free app is provided at no cost to consumers by Canadas 100,000 REALTORS and more than 100 real estate Boards and Associations.

The app provides users with the features and functionality of and takes advantage of Apple iPhone device features, such as:

  • Using the handhelds GPS technology:
    • Properties Near Me get up-to-date property information, photos and driving directions;
    • New Listings Near Me recent listings in the area youre visiting;
    • Open Houses Near Me find open houses near your present location;
    • My Agent Contact either your agent(s), or the listing agent for more information about a specific property;
    • Property Search Search for houses and properties across Canada, and connect with REALTORS to view, buy or sell a property;
    • Personalized settings allowing the user to set default language, unit of measure, how properties are displayed, and search radius for Near Me searches;
    • Interactive BING mapping is embedded to allow focus on specific neighbourhoods;
    • Scheduled Open Houses can be added to the devices calendar.

When considering one of lifes biggest financial transactions, easily accessible, detailed information about homes and neighbourhoods, as well as access to REALTORS, helps people make well-informed decisions stated Pahud.

With the addition of the Apple iPhone app, is now available for two of the most popular handheld device operating systems, as the Windows Phone 7 version was released in November. A BlackBerry app will be released in February 2011.

via CreaNews

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