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Savvy Buyers Are Seeking Value in Mexico

The major tourism markets in Mexico are still appealing destinations to a variety of visitors, particularly with the heavy travel discounting that has occurred over the past year or two. As a result, new second-home projects are being planned in some of the countrys major tourist markets.

Over the last five months, the John Burns Real Estate Consulting team has physically visited over 180 actively selling projects representing approximately 17,000 units in the Puerto Vallarta/Manzanillo, Mazatlan and Los Cabos market areas. We gathered pertinent information on each, including location, product type, home sizes, price points, absorption, buyer profile, amenities, etc.

Here are a few takeaways regarding second home buying in Mexico:

  • The vast majority of visitors to this country are still Americans and, our research indicates that they are coming back as buyers - just not in full force until things improve at home.
  • In the meantime, since the number of American buyers has diminished and/or they are focused on obtaining a steal near-term projects need to also target Canadian and Mexican buyers to keep sales momentum alive.
  • In Puerto Vallarta/Manzanillo: Most agents agree that the market is still slow, but 2010 was a definite improvement over 2009.
  • In Mazatlan: The market remains fairly slow, but many projects continue to build through during these slow times.
  • In Cabo: One project sold at a rate of approximately 6.5 units per month (combined across two product lines) in 2010 driven heavily by a central location, distant views, good quality amenities/lifestyle in place and rock-bottom pricing.

In summary, many of the actively selling projects in the Mexico markets were planned for yesterdays market. Those that take the time to understand the key motivations of tomorrows buyers will already start ahead of the game, particularly as we transition from a slow market to a recovering one.

In the U.S., savings are up, home equity levels are rebounding and job growth is coming. Mexico is too close, too beautiful and too affordable not to return to the norm of serving as a major tourist and second-home-buying destination in the coming years.

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Vivo Resorts Event

Carry Mullen hosted an event at our Bloor West office for Vivo Resorts amazing properties in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. What a great night!

Finding the right investment property in Puerto Escondido

Finding the right property in Mexico involves two things. The first is to find the region or area you want to live in. Once you have done that, search specifically for investment properties in the area using online search, print media and real estate agents.

The most effective way to find your ideal Mexican property is to spend some time in Mexico. You can find a wealth of information about Mexico from travel guides and online sources but to really find the place that you will call home or to find the ideal investment property, you should plan to visit and spend some time in Mexico. Youll get a better sense of the people, communities, and lifestyle in Mexico.

Just as you would here in Canada, there are a number of resources at your disposal when you get ready to search:

  • Experienced Real Estate Agents. As Mexico is becoming increasingly popular among Canadian buyers, there are a vast number of experienced real estate agents who can communicate in English. They can help you find the best deals on your ideal properties.
  • Online Searches. Mexican real estate agents will often offer online search agents for their potential clients. Check a few websites and you will find that you can search by property type, listing price, location, and many other property characteristics. For example, to find online resources for Puerto Escondido simply type Puerto Escondido real estate into your search engine.
  • Local Print Media. Often available online as well, local print media is also an invaluable source of information about available properties.

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Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

There are always things to do in Puerto Vallarta. Once you get to know the town you'll notice that Puerto Vallarta is one of the most re-visited destinations in the world. This has to do with a combination of things: superb weather, friendly locals, high class resorts and hotels, picturesque locations in and around town and family-orientation. Puerto Vallarta is a place that offers everyone a unique ideal vacation that includes a blend of relaxation and exhilaration

Puerto Vallarta offers without doubt a number of attractions from tours and cultural landmarks, to the beautiful beaches throughout Banderas Bay.

Shoppers will find that everything that is made in Mexico is available: silver jewellery, tequila, talavera, blown glass pottery, sandals, masks and other tasks.

Over 250 restaurants serve a wide range of international cuisine from Mexican of course to Italian and French. Restaurants are in settings ranging from funky beach palapas to elegant candlelit castles.

Whether its a spirited game of tennis or a challenging bike ride along a mountain train, youll find all the favoured ways to re-energize.

No matter your particular preferences or indulgences, theres part of Puerto Vallarta thats just right for you.

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5 reasons to buy Mexican Real Estate

Mexico is a popular destination for a second home or vacation property. People around the world including Canada are actively buying real estate in Mexico.

Here are 5 things that make investing in real estate in Mexico attractive:

  1. Mexican property prices are favourable in comparison with other destinations. The long-term investment prospects remain attractive with many people due to the good value
  2. Mexicos culture and services have responded to Canadian visitors. Spanish is still the primary language in Mexico but more people speak English, allowing Canadians to have a more comfortable experience. Cell phone service, Internet and Wi-Fi are also increasingly common in the more popular locations.
  3. Baby Boomers are now in their 50s and are looking for vacation homes and retirement properties that provide value. They have turned to Mexican real estate in increasing numbers. Mexican businesses have responded with increased services to support the growing market.
  4. Mexicos warmer climate is attractive to Canadians. After decades of vacationing in Mexico, purchasing property is the natural next step.
  5. There is growing inventory of condos and villas, plus a wide selection of resorts and developments with extensive amenities. This provides a steady supply of inventory for investors.

Real estate in Mexico provides an attractive opportunity for both investment and enjoyment for now and the future.

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