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The Coffee Tree Would like to Welcome Tridel to the Neighborhood

Many of the local businesses are very excited about Tridel coming to the neighborhood. The Coffee Tree wanted to welcome Tridel.

Old Mill is one of Toronto's last real villages, a quiet and refined neighbourhood steeped in old-world charm with its quaint Tudor homes, centuries-old trees and picturesque proximity to the lush Humber Valley.

Yet Tridel's One Old Mill is set within many of Toronto's new world luxuries, just steps from the subway and conveniently connected with the fashionable boutique shops, cafs and open markets of the Kingsway and Bloor West Village. Discover this intimate and elegant hideaway, right here, in the heart of Old Mill.

How to make a great first impression in the Toronto condo market

Okay, we have done our research, gone to websites, talked to different Realtors, and established the right price. The critical part is now getting your home ready to sell. I cannot stress enough how important this phase of the process is so please pay particular attention.

Number one, most decisions to buy your home are made in less than three seconds. What I mean by that is that somebody is literally going to drive up in front of your home, look at your home from their car for approximately three seconds, and determine if they have fallen in love with your home or not.

At that point, after just three seconds, they are going to decide to continue driving or they are going to stop, write down the phone number, get the flyer and make inquiries. That first initial impression is absolutely critical. Nothing is more important.

So how do we do make a great first impression? The first thing is landscaping. Landscaping could be as simple as cutting your grass. It could be as simple as planting a few more flowers.

If you think about Disney there are always two things that are very memorable. The first thing is that there are always lots of flowers, lots of color. The second thing you notice about Disney, no matter where you are in the Disney Park, is that there is always music in the background.

You can literally create this resort type feel just by having lots of colors, lots of different plants, lots of flowers and having some outdoor music. These things are very inexpensive but really take your property to the next level. This completely differentiates you from everybody else not only in your neighborhood but anyone else selling.

So these are some of the tips youll find when you go visit model homes at some of these big real estate offices or big developers - youll always see some incredible landscaping. They say that landscaping adds more value to your home than anything else. So the first tip in getting your house ready to sell is the outside appearance, get that landscaping perfect. This concept of landscaping however changes when dealing with downtown Toronto condos. The condos in downtown Toronto already have perfect landscaping so they do not need to worry about this issue. These owners need to concentrate on remodeling their homes or at least making it look presentable.

Identifying your buyer in the toronto condo market


So lets talk about the kind of person thats going to buy your home. Most of us think that the person thats going to buy your home looks just like you. Perhaps you are married with kids so the assumption is that the person who will buy your home will be married with a few kids.

You may be right, however there is an 80% chance that you might be wrong. What I would really challenge you to think about are the possible buyers for your home not hundreds of different buyer profiles but say five different types of people that could be a good fit.

For example, it may be a couple that is relocating to your city or to your neighborhood. Maybe they have different wants and needs. So if you think about that person, they are going to come with a very different perception of your home.

Ill give you an example. They might come from a very expensive real estate market and maybe your market is less expensive. So theyre not so concerned about the price of your home, they might be more concerned about safety or security or how good the schools are.

Let me give you another example. Lets say you have another prospective family and perhaps they have young children. Well, people with young children have an entirely different set of criteria when looking for a home.

One last one I want you to think about. Think about an elderly couple that may be downsizing. Perhaps they currently have a much larger home and want to move into something smaller, but stay in the same neighbourhood.

So when you think about your sales and marketing, you need to keep the needs of various possible buyers in mind the couple thats relocating, the young family or perhaps the empty nesters.

Remember not to be too narrow minded when determining your potential buyers - keep an open mind so you can understand and deal with each of these different circumstances.

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